I offer a divination service, using tarot, oracle cards and pendulum. All my divination tools are hallowed and empowered via monthly lunar rituals, and I ask the the spirits I honour for their assistance in my readings. I have been reading cards for approximately fifteen years and work best with clear, direct questions rather than giving general readings. My fee is £10 for a three card reading around a single question. If I need more clarity I back it up with oracle cards or the pendulum.

Spiritual Cleansing
Sometimes the energy in our homes feels stagnant and heavy, with conventional cleansing doing little to alleviate the atmosphere. This can impact on our emotional wellbeing, making us feel sluggish and depressed. In these cases I offer a spiritual cleansing service, using various methods to remove negative and stale energy and replacing it with a positive, calming atmosphere. This can be followed up with protection work, if need be. My fee for cleansing depends on the size of the property and amount of work required.

Prayer Lights
I also offer a prayer lights service. If you would like me to light a candle and pray for your healing, good luck, success in an endeavour, or to help a loved one, please email me your full name and petition to the address below. This is a free service.


If you are interested in any of these services please contact me at witchwoodwild@gmail.com