The Mother of the Bull

Warning - This post is rambling, driven by UPG and uses the words "what if" too many times. I believe the Minoans worshipped the god Dionysos and the goddess Ariadne as a sacred bull and bee cult. Being a polytheist society the Minoans venerated many gods, but the cults of Dionysos as a bull god … Continue reading The Mother of the Bull

Of the Roads and Crossroads: Hekate

Hekate Parents: Asteria and Perses Siblings: None Spouse/Lovers: None Children: None Symbolism: Torches, keys, knives. Sacred Animals: (Classical) Black dogs, polecats, serpents. (Modern) Ravens, crows, black cats, toads. Sacred Plants: Monkshood, oak, yew, deadly nightshade, hellebore, hemlock, all plants governed by Saturn, classic “witching” plants. Hekate is one of the most popular goddesses of modern witchcraft, Wicca and paganism. … Continue reading Of the Roads and Crossroads: Hekate