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St John’s Wort

St John’s Wort Family: Hypericaceae Genus: Hypericum Latin Name: Hypericum perforatum Folk Names: St John’s wort, ghost herb, devil’s scourge, scare devil, rosin rose Planetary Ruler: The Sun Element: Fire Sacred To: St John the Baptist, Brigid, Baldr, Sunna, Helios, Apollon, Hyperion Botany: St John’s wort is … Continue reading

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Summer Soulstice

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Crafting Calendars

High days and holy days are one of the most pleasurable aspects of religious and spiritual practices. Festivals can have a variety of purposes, from simple celebrations marking the change of the seasons, to days given over to devotional activities … Continue reading

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Fae Folk: Selkie

“For I am a man upon the land I am a Selkie on the sea…” Selkie are fae folk from Orkney, Shetland and feature in Irish folklore. The word “selkie” is simply Orcadian for “seal”, and the selkie of folklore … Continue reading

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Punkie Night

“It’s Punkie Night, It’s Punkie Night, Give me a candle, Give me a light, If you don’t, you’ll get a fright!” -Traditional Punkie Night song. Celebrated in South Somerset, the last Thursday in October is called Punkie Night and is … Continue reading

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Witching Trees: Rowan

“Rowan tree and red thread, leave the witches all in dread.” Rowan Family: Rosaceae Genus: Sorbus Latin Name: Sorbus aucuparia Folk Names: Mountain Ash, Quickbeam, Witch Tree, Witchbane Ogham Letter: Luis Planetary Ruler: The Moon Element: Water Sacred To: Thunar, Brighid, Brigantia Botany: Rowan are a … Continue reading

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Herbal Reading

Some suggested reading for budding, and experienced, herbalists! Bartram, Thomas. Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine Blamey, Marjorie. Collins Gem Guide: Wild Flowers Breverton, Terry. Breverton’s Complete Herbal Carpenter, Jeff & Carpenter, Melanie. The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer Culpeper, Nicholas. Culpeper’s … Continue reading

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Witchcraft and Spirits

Somewhere along the way, humankind lost its connection to the spirit world. The majority of modern magical theory is based upon the magic as a science concept, with much less emphasis upon spirit work. This is likely born out of a … Continue reading

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