I am a spirit worker and green witch, with a polytheist and animist worldview. I believe we reside in a world filled with Gods and spirits, who can be benevolent or cause misfortune, and have a practice of prayer, offerings and ceremonies to honour Them. I also employ shamanic techniques, though have not been called to shamanic initiation, nor do I serve a community as a shaman does.

My main calling is as a priestess of Dionysos and Demeter, to serve a group of deities and spirits based around the Dionysian and Eleusinian mysteries, and to draw upon those ancient rites as inspiration for modern representations of those mystery cults, especially in relation to the land. Through Them I have been inspired to help others form their own relationships with spirits and Gods, and to build strong foundations for their spiritual practices.

As well as my devotion to the gods of Greece, I have a practice of ancestor veneration and of honouring the spirits of this beautiful land.

I live on the Somerset Levels, close to the Isle of Avalon, with my husband, my mother and two cats.