A Simple Ritual Bath

Most purifying baths are perfunctory and quick, as simple as adding some sea salt and essential oils to the water for a quick scrub up before prayer or ceremony. But sometimes it’s nice to make a short ritual out of bathing itself.

Cleansing Salts
You will need:

1 cup of sea salt
5 drops rosemary oil
5 drops lavender oil
5 drops pine oil

Simply mix the salt and oils together and store in a dark jar.

A Simple Ritual Bath
You will need;

A bath of not too-hot water, the cooler the better
Your cleansing salts
A bundle of purifying herbs made up any of the following – bay leaves, rosemary, lavender or sage
A white candle
Matches or a lighter

Run yourself a bath of cooling water and add a fat pinch of cleansing salt to the bath water. Say;

“Nereids(1), daughters of the ocean, pure nymphs of the seas, please bless this water.”

Light the white candle and meditate for a moment on the sacred flame.

Light the bundle of herbs, let them burn for a few seconds and then extinguish it in the water. Say;

“Blessed Hestia(2), Mistress of the purifying flame, I ask for your blessings upon this water.”

Using the index finger of your dominant hand, stir the water to mix it. You may now bathe. Make sure you pour the cleansing waters over your head and if you are using soap it’s good to use one that is naturally scented with essential oils rather than synthetic perfumes. After bathing allow yourself to air-dry and for extra cleansing smoke yourself with a little of the herb bundle.

1) Nereids are sea-nymphs, daughters of the sea-god Nereus.
2) Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth and home, spiritual fire and purification.

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