A Simple Lammas Incense


Lammas is one of my favourite festivals. It’s so intrinsically tied to the Mother and seeing the fields of wheat go golden against the lovely emerald oak trees that border them is one of the real pleasures of rural living. For me Lammas is all about bright summer days, the drone of busy bees, and the scent of warm orange-blossom honey.

As Lammas is approaching here is an incense blend that evokes the essence of those sun-bright fields and meadows. It has a base of finely ground frankincense, with Lammas-appropriate herbs and mixed with scented oils.

Lammas Incense

You will need:
3 parts frankincense
2 parts pennyroyal
1 part marigold flowers
1 part chamomile flowers
1/2 part poppy petals
1/2 part cornflower petals
1/4 part pearl barley
Few drops elemi oil
Few drops sweet orange oil

Grind the herbs and resins as finely as you please and mix together. Store the incense in a jar in a dark cupboard. Burn on charcoal discs to honour the Earth Mother, John Barleycorn and the spirits of the harvest, and to celebrate the festival of the season.

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