A belated post of just some images from my Midsummer ritual. As far as I’m aware the ancient Greeks didn’t acknowledge Midsummer, the closest thing being the Adonia which may have taken place around the summer solstice, but sources disagree on the exact date. This was a festival honouring Adonis as consort of Aphrodite, and women planted short-lived leaves and herbs so that the hot summer sun caused them to wither and die. This represents Adonis’s short life as he was killed by a boar while hunting, and the women would mourn the death of Adonis through the withered plants.

Mr Witchwood and I had a ceremony in our garden, which was looking pretty dapper this year after finally getting our raised beds sorted out and the bee garden planted. We honoured the lords and ladies of light; Hyperion, Theia, Hellios, Eos and Selene and poured out offerings to Them. Of course I snuck in references to Dionysos and Ariadne, Him as Lord of the Greenwood and Her as the Queen of Bees and Roses.

“To Ariadne we give milk and honey, to Dionysos a branch of vagrant ivy, to the Nymphs blood-red roses in full flower.”

Earlier I’d made pouches of midsummer herbs to bless or home, and we held the charms over the bonfire flames. Unfortunately the fire had died down by the time we thought to photograph it and the bowl of smouldering embers didn’t look as picturesque.

We did have our lanterns twinkling away all night, and managed to get a nicely eerie picture of our Persephone statue looking blue and mystical.

Even the cat had a good time.

Hoping everyone had a blessed Midsummer!

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