Super Wolf Moon

It’s cold and windy, and I dress in warm boots, a shawl and hood as I go out into the land to see Selene in Her splendid radiance. Although the full moon had no especial significance to the Ancient Greeks (it merely marking the middle of their month) I have adopted the practice of honouring the local nymphs on the full of the moon as a counterpoint to honouring the dead during the new moon.

When the moon is shrouded in shadows, Hekate, Hermes Khthonios, Persephone and Haides are given offerings of bitter herbs, garlic and red wine to feed the souls of the dead. However the full moon is for the bright nymphs and this year I go out to make offerings in different environments to different classes of nymph.

As the moonlit night was also blustery I honoured the Aurae, nymphs of the breezes, and scattered sweet-scented herbs on the wind as an offering to them. It was too breezy to light candles or incense outside, but the small Selene shrine on my windowsill was set with flickering lights and offered lunar incense.

Full moons are also when I feed my divination tools, and I smudged my favourite tarot cards while drizzling droplets of mead onto my pendulum; a holed hagstone tossed up from the depths of the sea.

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