Tools of the Green Witch

For many witches, magical tools are things like wands, athames, pentacles and other esoteric objects. However when practicing herbal, green and kitchen, magic, the tools needed may seem more humble, but are just as important.

Chopping Board
On a purely practical level your chopping board simply provides a hard-wearing surface upon which to work with your herbs. You will want preferably two or three chopping boards specifically for magical use; one for the preparation of magical foodstuffs and meals, one for general herbs and one for any poisonous plants you may utilise. Mark each board so you can tell them apart, especially important for the poison board so you don’t inadvertently make yourself ill!

Magically you can imbibe your chopping boards by etching or painting symbols around the edge, or maybe by including a triangle of manifestation (a large equal-sided triangle inside a circle) in the centre of the board, used to magically charge your herbs while you use them. Of course if you have a particular purpose (a philtre to promote love and happiness for example) you can dram appropriate symbols on the board with chalk and then wipe them off when finished with that working.

Pestle and Mortar
A very useful tool for grinding herbs and reducing resins to powder. The heavier granite style pestle and mortars are the best, though you may wish to keep several for different purposes and as with the chopping boards keep a separate marked pestle and mortar for poisonous plants.

Used for tougher, more fibrous roots and nuts, especially when you have to reduce a root to a powder. Grate the root into shavings and then grind them in the pestle and mortar. As with the other tools keep a separate grater for magical work and don’t use it for cheese!

Used for mixing, holding ingredients and soaking herbs, keep a set of bowls aside for your magical work. You may paint symbols on them if you wish.

Jars and Bottles
Used to store your ingredients, the finished products and for infusing various mixtures that need to be steeped for a long time and shaken. Old coffee, jam and honey jars work well for storage jars, just wash them out well and soak overnight in hot water to remove all traces of their prior contents. You can then place them on a baking tray and put in a warm oven to dry and make them sterile. Make sure you label everything well.

Measuring Equipment
A reliable set of scales and some measuring jugs are invaluable. You may also like to invest in a set of apothecary spoons for measuring smaller amounts.

If you can, invest in a set of saucepans for magical work. A small copper pan for any workings sacred to Venus (love, friendship) is ideal however these can be extremely expensive. Of course mark any pans you use for poisons.

Spoons and Knives
A decent tablespoon and teaspoon and a set of wooden spoons used for stirring are fine. Two sharp knives, one marked for poisonous plants, are also very useful. If you aren’t skilled with a knife and need to chop something very small, a crescent shaped mezzeluna and corresponding curved board can be very helpful.

Strainers and Sieves
Used to strain herb-infused oils or to pass finely ground herbs through to make powders, these are very useful. You may also want a small amount of muslin or jelly bags for really clear oils, and some funnels for pouring into bottles.

Almanacs or astrological charts are extremely useful for calculating when the best time to make and infuse magical potions, tinctures, simples, incense and more. These list planetary hours, phases of the moon and other astrological information.

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