Green and Kitchen Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a natural practice and the witch works closely with the natural world. In a sense all witchcraft is green and kitchen based. Witches who are skilled in herbal arts, gardening, wildcrafting, or homesteading, will grow their own herbs, or harvest them wild from nature. Witches know how to take those herbs and turn them into incense, magical oils, tinctures, simples and to utilise them in rites, spells and rituals. Their magic is called “low”. This does not suggest that it is inferior, but rather that it is different from the “high” ceremonial magic that was mostly practiced by upper classes, although some elements of high magic found its way into the spells and charms of early cunning folk. Witches are usually a healers, though will also know the beneficial qualities of poisonous plants and not all of their healing ways are gentle. Their knowledge encompasses not only botanical lore but also magical wisdom and folklore.

The practice of green witchcraft is an ancient one. Our tribal ancestors will have had their shamans and sages who worked with the physical wild woodlands, as well as the spirits that dwelt within them, and with the onset of agriculture they would have had rites and charms for the sowing, planting and harvesting of crops. They would have known to appease the spirits of the land before even tilling the soil and to thank them for a bountiful harvest.

Today witches may utilise charms before harvesting herbs, make offerings to the local land spirits and act as a steward for their local area, such as picking up litter. Some take courses to learn more about the botanical nature of plants and to adopt them into their healing and magical practices.

For many witches their kitchens are the hub of their homes. It’s the place where they make their tinctures and potions, herb-infused candles, brew magical alcohol, and cook special ritual meals. Many witches are dedicated to hearth and kitchen deities, such as Brighid, Frau Holda and Hestia, as well as the wilder gods and spirits, and will make a place for them in their homes. Brownies, kobolds and other homely goblins will aid the witch in keeping the kitchen and hearth pleasant if welcome and honoured.

Even cleaning is a magical act, keeping the home and kitchen physically and astrally pure removes all traces of psychic gunk and keeps the household spirits happy. The witch can also add various herbs and oils to her cleaning products to bring about desired magical effects.

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