Corn Moon

The August Full Moon was a day and night of witchery.

I had been working the day before and on my walk home I poured out mead in offering to the oak tree where I’d harvested a branch on Lammas. That night I was struck down with a fever and my dreams were intense, full of symbolism where I swam in dark waters with others who carried globes of light. The following day my fever broke and I was moved to craft a new stang made from local willow. It is short, not quite three feet in height, and has patches of bark removed to expose the bone-ivory wood beneath. When it is smooth I shall mark it with signs to hallow it to the Queen of Those Below.

I ate a supper of spiced vegetables and cider, pouring sweet red wine into the offering bowl for the Horned Lord as must every time I drink His blood, before heading out into the fields, frosted with silver under the moon. I drank to Him and Her, and to Their retinue, pouring out dark golden mead for the nymphs and offering chocolates to the Lady of Roses. I passed the local graveyard on the way back, hailing the spirits of the dead. I’ll return on the dark of the moon with garlic-infused bread, fruit cake and wine for them to feast upon.

I drew two faerie cards, hearth and home and spirit guide, before treating myself to a slice of lemon tart and hot sweet tea before bed and dreams of nymphs, goat-foot Gods and divine marriage.

Other Names: Barley Moon
Candle Colours: Yellow, Gold, Pale Orange
Herbs/Flowers: Wheat, Corn, Barley, Cornflowers, Poppies, Moon Daisies, Chamomile
Ogham Tree: Hazel
Gemstones: Golden Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian
Deities: Demeter, Ceres, Triptolemos, Freyr, Nerthus

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